new house construction blueprints and floor plans

Budgeting For Construction Projects

When a potential client approaches you requesting a bid for new home construction, it’s critical to consider a variety of factors before you settle on an amount. If your bid is unreasonably high, you might lose the client completely. Conversely, if your bid is too low, overheads will cut into your profit margins and could even […]
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quantity takeoff in construction

3 Ways A Quantity Takeoff Service Provider Can Help You

Quantity Takeoff in Construction Quantity takeoff in construction emerges as key factor. As digital transformation continues to disrupt the construction industry, we see many contractors opting to outsource ancillary departments and focus on what they do best. Construction companies that are leveraging digital technology to become more agile seem to be reaping substantial benefits—firms report […]
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Construction Cost Estimating Services

How Construction Cost Estimating Services Can Help Increasing Profit Margins

Like many other industries, construction has also taken a hit following COVID-19. Although the pandemic has undoubtedly made it more difficult for contractors to operate, it’s important to note that construction profit margins have been plummeting since 2014. Recent statistics from the Journal of Building Engineering indicated that profit margins were down to 0.38% in 2019. […]
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new drywall installation cost

Determining Drywall Installation Cost For New Project

New Drywall Installation Cost Estimation Rapid changes in material costs can make it difficult to determine the cost of your next drywall project, especially since the cost of a drywall installation can fall anywhere between $955 and $2547. The geographic location, job specifications, and labor costs all have a substantial impact on the final price. […]
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quantity takeoff and cost estimating

What Is Meant By Quantity Takeoff In Construction?

Quantity Takeoff and Cost Estimating Quantity takeoffs are complicated numbers to calculate and handle, but their main purpose is really straightforward. Also known as construction takeoffs, this segment of construction estimation is essentially a list of all the materials needed for a project. The appropriate quantity of each material is usually listed as well as the per […]
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