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Estimated Cost:

$ 157,711
(Building Area = 124,767 SF Concrete 198 CY & Rebar Quantity 5 Tons)

La Ceinega Concrete,CA



Estimated Cost:

$3.4 Million
(Building Area = 44,522 SF Concrete 3803 CY & Rebar Quantity 431 Tons)

Self-Storage Facility,MA


Wheel Road Burlington, Massachusetts

Estimated Cost:

$ 1,645,641
(Building Area = 124,767 SF Concrete 2819 CY & Rebar Quantity 81 Tons)

For over a decade, we’ve been providing accurate concrete estimation and rebar estimation services to more than 20 states, including New York and California. We’ve had the pleasure of working with a range of clients such as concrete contractors, large corporations, real estate developers, and home builders.

We’ve found that contractors who construct pavements, sidewalks, and driveways lack the expertise to create reliable concrete takeoff and rebar takeoff. Their onsite expertise isn’t very useful when developing estimates for the projects.

If you’re planning to bid on a project, it’s best to work with professional estimators that have insight on materials and their costs. The detailed takeoff we provide can help you win more bids and increase revenue.

Our team consists of experienced and certified estimators that can help you save time and costs in the long-run.

Boost your chances when bidding; work with Remote Estimation. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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Concrete Estimating & Takeoff Services

Are you a busy contractor that needs more time for concrete estimation jobs yourself? Then no worries. Remote Estimation is one of the most accessible solutions for concrete estimating headaches.

With years of experience, our professional concrete estimators estimate not only concrete but related items such as rebar & formwork. We thrive in providing division 3 concrete estimating services to corporations, general contracting, concrete contractors, real estate dealers, and home builders in every state in the US, including New York and California.

To get a proper estimate, contractors involved in the work of sidewalks, driveways, and paving need to work onsite to carry out the fieldwork and need help to get an estimate for bidding proposals. By taking up this responsibility in alleviating their pressure, we provide them with a thorough & accurate concrete estimation & takeoff that helps them ace the bidding game.

Win Every Tender with the Right Bidding Strategy

As a construction company, winning a tender by participating in bidding is crucial. The bid should be lower to succeed in the tender as the process is transparent. And for that, you need an accurate material takeoff & overall concrete estimation cost of your project.

By obtaining the benefits of concrete estimating services, your bid can be closest, and you will not only win the tender & make a killing but also save your precious time, money & resources. We have designed such a type of method that's not only effective but accurate & quick, as well. We value & respect the work you do, and we never want you to be squandered in bidding. By joining hands with us, you can focus on the design and construction process and leave the rest of your projects to us, as we provide the best material takeoff services.

Why Outsource Concrete Estimating Services?

Often, contractors miss out on projects just because they need more time to perform construction takeoffs and finalize the estimates.

Even many contractors work late at night and try to figure out bid projects to create accurate estimates for successful jobs. However, focusing on the projects with distraction from the job site at day time seems impossible, and that is where concrete takeoff services come into play.

We are fully specialized in working with contractors & developers.

You can outsource concrete estimating services from Remote Estimation to get the closest bid according to the client's budget. Our team of experienced, seasoned drywall cost estimator digitally take off the quantities to all your projects, create the best bid for you, and help you win.

Perks of Outsourcing Concrete Estimation

When trying to bid at the lowest possible value to secure the tender, you must have a precise cost estimate & person-hours that are involved in the project.

Outsourcing your material takeoff services to a reputable & professional estimating company gives you inner confidence and the following perks.

  • There is no need to invest in expensive software. Also, you need to hire a professional who can provide training in the software to your staff for concrete Estimation.
  • The cost of hiring a full-time concrete cost estimator is saved.
  • Outsourcing a concrete estimator helps improve the bid of your volume. You can start bidding on several projects and ultimately win many projects under the guidance of a professional.
  • The best thing about outsourcing a professional cost estimator is that your efficiency gets improved with their assistance.
  • Last but not least, the chances of missing out on the opportunity decrease.

Top Benefits You Get by Outsourcing Your Concrete Takeoffs to Us

Over the years, many concrete contractors have approached us frequently for accurate and timely preparation of bids to get ahead of their competitors.

Here are the benefits you get with our concrete estimation services on your construction projects:

  • Highly accurate concrete estimates & material takeoffs.
  • The bid-winning ratio is more than 98%, with our estimates.
  • Even the most detailed estimates are delivered in the fastest turnaround time (24 to 48 hours).
  • Save up to 60% of the expenses of a full-time estimator with our takeoff packages.
  • Most affordable estimates
  • Fully dedicated and expert concrete cost estimator for division 3 concrete trades.
  • Offers consultation for bid filing and managing bidding network profiles of the contractors.
  • 24/7 customer support

So, get accurate cost estimation with our residential construction estimator services.

Save Money with Remote Estimation

Bill of quantity (BOQ) or concrete takeoffs are one of the most vital aspects of a construction project. Apart from this, it also helps you estimate a project's budget. Construction material takeoff indicates the quantity of material needed and raw material to have in stock for the project. This type of information is crucial for construction companies, as they ensure the smooth running of the supply chain and hassle-free work.

As we provide the most accurate and fastest delivery of estimates, thousand of concrete suppliers & contractors trust our concrete takeoff services. We use the latest technology and advanced estimating software for preparing estimates of concrete- related work that increases your chances of winning bids.

Rather than investing your time & money to buy software and provide training to employees, being an intelligent builder, you should focus on the construction project. We have a full range of software, including the most expensive and complex, that helps provide the most accurate estimate.

Our Strategy for Preparing Concrete Takeoffs

We never rely on a single and manual method of concrete estimation cost. We use the latest industry-related software to scale plans and measure different concrete items according to the drawing scale. This gives us a quick glimpse of the quantity of concrete needed for the foundations, pavements, etc.

That's not the point we stop at.

Before putting the values in the spreadsheet, we verify the quantities manually. Many contractors have a misconception that buying estimating software is enough and will help find an accurate concrete estimation, but that's not true.

Operating the software needs state-of-the-art skills, effort, and time. That's why it's best if you leave this task to us, as we have a team of skilled and experienced members proficiently providing you with the best concrete estimating services for your project.

Our cost estimation for residential & commercial building projects includes site works concreting, concrete for foundations, beams, and columns. We at Remote Estimation came up with a way to do a manual estimation and take software to know the gaps in Estimation. Our evaluation team compares the manual results and on-screen takeoffs, and that's how we prepare well-structured and professional cost estimates so that you never get confused and win the bid with our concrete takeoff services.

Here's the breakdown of our concrete takeoff spreadsheet, which consists of the following quantities:

  • The amount of concrete required for slabs, footings, headers, piers, grade beams, tie beams, foundation walls, lintels, columns, steps, platforms, and many more. The sheet also includes the transportation cost estimation and the required equipment, such as cranes, pumps, mixers, etc.
  • Another thing included in the takeoff spreadsheet is the cost of concrete formwork. This depends on the formwork type, whether you buy or rent, repairs, associated equipment, transportation costs, labor, etc.
  • Concrete reinforcements include structural rebar, plastic dowels, wire mesh, stirrups, anchors, etc.

Man Hours are calculated to find labor costs for skilled & unskilled labor. The cost of material, labor included, and equipment types are estimated using RSMeans, and our construction cost databases for up-to-date and zip code-based pricing.

If there is a requirement for site preparation or grading costs, we calculate it, including excavation, leveling, and compaction of the soil, transportation, equipment, & labor. We also consider other miscellaneous costs, including storage, concrete tests, waste, spillage, logistics, etc. Not only this but contingency funds are also considered, which include unforeseen costs, inflation, etc.

Lastly, the lead estimator performs a final check to ensure everything meets the client's requirements.

Our Concrete Estimating Services Include

No matter how big or small a construction company is, we value each & every client. We have provided our concrete takeoff services to general contractors, concrete contractors, asphalt contractors, foundation contractors, vendors, and pavers with our accuracy and detailed & concrete estimating services and material takeoff services beyond the imagination.

We have provided our concrete takeoff services for sidewalks, driveways, concrete pavement, parking lots, retaining walls, waterproofing, flatwork, basement, concrete curbs, concrete foundations, concrete slabs, and many more private & public projects.

Our Range of Concrete Estimating Services

  • Concrete Quantity Takeoffs
  • Budget & Bid Estimates
  • Bid Preparation
  • Design Estimates
  • Change Order Estimates
  • Value Engineering
  • Project Lead Generation
  • Concrete Contractor Marketing
  • Expert Witness
  • Litigation Assistance

Division 3 Trade Deliverables Include:

  • Concrete takeoff & spreadsheet
  • Material, labor & equipment cost
  • Person-hours
  • Marked-up drawing plans
  • Takeoff summary including total costs for material, labor, equipment, overhead, profit, etc.
  • Review of exclusions & inclusions

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Time to Bid & Win Every Project

If you are considering bidding on any project, it's always best to use professional concrete estimating services that provide deep insight into materials & costs associated with the project. The detailed takeoffs that professional estimators provide you win the bids and ultimately increase revenue.

At Remote Estimation, our team of certified and experienced flooring cost estimatorhelps you save ample time & cost in the long run.

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