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construction cost estimator nyc

Best Construction Cost Estimating Services NYC

Construction Cost Estimators Work In NYC In order to get a construction project off the ground, one of the most important steps is obtaining an accurate estimate of the costs involved. In New York City, there are a number of different construction cost estimating services that you can use. In this article, we will take […]
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Calculating the construction costs of a newly built home

Tips for Estimating New Home Construction Costs

According to the NAHB, over 60% of the final house price is attributable to its construction costs. Developing a construction cost estimate for your new residential property is the most crucial aspect of the project. It directly impacts your profit margins, and even a small error can lead to costly delays and project losses.
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a paint roller is used to apply blue paint

Planning Your Interior Painting Budget

If you’re looking for a home improvement project that can instantly enhance your living space at the best price, only a few things can beat a fresh coat of paint. Whether you’re looking to brighten up the interior, make spaces look larger or create statement walls, paint is the way to go.
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construction blueprints and calculator depicting cost estimation efforts

How to Bid a Job as a Contractor

When you’re working as an independent contractor, great bidding skills are a part of the job description. Many first-time bidders incorrectly assume that landing successful bids is about negotiation skills—but the reality is a little different.
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a person cutting and measuring floor planks

How Expensive Can Flooring Get?

Given how much variance exists in flooring costs, it can be a headache for contractors and subcontractors to develop accurate estimates. Most recent statistics show that depending on the material you choose and the scope of the project, flooring installation costs can vary anywhere from $0.4 to $22 per square foot.
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Drywall in Construction: All You Need to Know about the Cost

Drywall installation costs can vary significantly depending on the level of finishing, quality of materials, and labor costs. The nationwide average stands between $30 and $60 for each panel, including labor and material costs. These prefabricated gypsum board panels or plasterboard panels are used to finish ceilings and walls in commercial and residential projects. Let’s […]
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