Concrete Takeoff and Estimating Services

Quantity takeoffs and estimates for concrete scope of work include but are not limited to cubic yards of concrete, square footage of concrete flatworks, tons of steel, rebar takeoff, excavation & backfill, and formwork & shoring. Our comprehensive concrete estimating services ensure precise and reliable calculations for all your project needs. With our expertise in concrete quantity takeoff, we provide detailed and accurate measurements to support your construction planning and budgeting.

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Concrete Takeoff
& Estimating Services

For over a decade, we’ve been providing accurate concrete estimate and rebar estimation services to more than 20 states, including New York and California. We’ve had the pleasure of working with a range of clients such as concrete contractors, large corporations, real estate developers, and home builders. We’ve found that contractors who construct pavements, sidewalks, and driveways lack the expertise to create reliable concrete takeoff and rebar takeoff. Their onsite expertise isn’t very useful when developing estimates for the projects.

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We take great pride in everything that we do, complete control over estimation services allows us to ensure our clients receive the best quality takeoff & estimation service.

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    How Does Remote Estimation Assist Busy Contractors with Concrete Estimation?

    If you’re a busy contractor looking to save time on concrete estimation tasks, Remote Estimation is here to help you. While offering construction cost estimation, we take care of concrete, rebar, and framework estimation. We specialize in division 3 concrete estimating services, catering to corporations, general contractors, concrete contractors, real estate dealers, and home builders nationwide. Whether you’re in New York, California, or another state of the US, we provide thorough and accurate concrete estimation and takeoff services, assisting contractors in bidding proposals. Moreover, we also help contractors involved in sidewalks, driveways, etc., with accurate concrete estimating services.

    How Can Remote Estimation Improve Your Bidding Strategy?

    By leveraging our construction estimating services, your bids can be more competitive, increasing the likelihood of winning tenders. Our method is designed for effectiveness, ensuring quick and accurate material takeoff. By partnering with us, you can focus on the crucial aspects of design and construction. Trusting us to get the best material takeoff services.

    How Can Remote Estimation Save Contractors Time with Concrete Estimation?

    Contractors often miss out on projects due to the time-intensive nature of concrete takeoff services. Even many contractors work late at night to create accurate estimates. However, this can be challenging due to their job in the daytime. Remote Estimation helps contractors and developers with accurate construction cost estimation and construction takeoff services. This allows you to focus on the design and construction process.

    Why Should I Hire Remote Estimation for Construction Cost Estimation?

    We understand that Bill of quantity (BOQ) or concrete takeoffs are one of the most vital aspects of a construction project. Our construction takeoff services offer precise estimates for construction projects, aiding in budgeting and supply chain efficiency. Trusted by thousands of suppliers and contractors, we utilize advanced estimating software and the latest technology for fast and accurate results. Save time and resources by relying on our comprehensive software suite, allowing you to focus on your construction projects rather than software investment and employee training.

    How Does Remote Estimation Achieve Accuracy in Concrete Takeoffs?

    Remote Estimation ensures accuracy in concrete takeoff services by employing a dual approach. We utilize cutting-edge industry-related software to scale plans and measure various concrete items based on the drawing scale. This initial step provides a rapid overview of the concrete quantity required for foundations, pavements, and more. However, we go beyond this by manually verifying the quantities before inputting values into the spreadsheet. This meticulous process ensures a thorough and precise assessment, eliminating reliance on a single method and guaranteeing accurate concrete takeoffs.

    What Common Misconceptions Do Contractors Have about Estimating Software?

    Many contractors have a misconception that buying estimating software is sufficient for accurate construction cost estimation. However, operating the software requires state-of-the-art skills, effort, and time. That’s why it’s best if you leave this task to construction estimating companies. At Remote Estimation, we address this misconception by combining manual estimation and software verification. Our skilled team meticulously compares manual results with on-screen takeoffs, ensuring a well-structured and professional cost estimate. This unique approach eliminates confusion, providing clients with accurate concrete takeoff services for successful residential and commercial building project bidding.

    What Does Remote Estimation Include in Concrete Takeoff Spreadsheet?

    While offering construction takeoff services, we include various quantities in our spreadsheet, such as slabs, footings, headers, piers, and more, along with transportation costs and required equipment. We account for formwork costs depending on type, such as purchase or rental, repairs, and associated expenses. Additionally, our spreadsheet encompasses concrete reinforcements such as rebar, dowels, wire mesh, stirrups, and anchors. Man Hours calculates labor costs, utilizing RSMeans and construction databases for accurate pricing. We also consider site preparation, grading, and miscellaneous costs, including storage, tests, waste, and logistics.

    What Makes Remote Estimation Concrete Estimating Service Unique?

    No matter how big or small a construction company is, we value each & every client. We have provided our concrete takeoff services to general contractors, concrete contractors, asphalt contractors, foundation contractors, vendors, and pavers with our accuracy and detailed & construction estimating services and material takeoff services beyond our imagination.

    We have provided our concrete takeoff services for sidewalks, driveways, concrete pavement, parking lots, retaining walls, waterproofing, flatwork, basements, concrete curbs, concrete foundations, concrete slabs, and many more private & public projects.

    What Are the Services Remote Estimation Offers in Concrete Estimation?

    Remote Estimation provides a comprehensive range of concrete takeoff services, including concrete quantity takeoffs, budget & bid estimates, bid preparation, design estimates, change order estimates, value engineering, project lead generation, concrete contractor marketing, expert witness, litigation assistance, and more. Our services cater to clients’ diverse needs in the construction industry, ensuring accurate and efficient concrete estimation processes.

    What Does Division 3 Trade Deliverables Include?

    • Concrete takeoff & spreadsheet
    • Material, labor & equipment cost
    • Person-hours
    • Marked-up drawing plans
    • Takeoff summary including total costs for material, labor, equipment, overhead, profit, etc.
    • Review of exclusions & inclusions

    How Can I Get Concrete Estimating Services from Remote Estimation?

    Step up your bid-winning game with our concrete takeoff services.

    Submit your Plans – Send us your plans & specifications to get started. After analyzing it, we’ll send you a quote in the next few minutes.

    Get a Quote – You’ll receive a quote that includes the invoice, turnaround time, and delivery date.

    Receive Estimate – Once you receive the estimates, you can pay via credit card, debit card, or PayPal at your convenience.

    How Can Remote Estimation Help Save Time and Money in the Long Run?

    If you are considering bidding on any project, it’s always best to use professional concrete estimating services that provide deep insight into materials & costs associated with the project. The detailed takeoffs that professional estimators of construction estimating companies provide you win the bids and ultimately increase revenue.

    At Remote Estimation, our team of certified and experienced concrete cost estimator helps you save ample time & cost in the long run.

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    Submit Your Drawings

    Submit Your Drawings

    Begin by sending us your project drawings. Use email, Google Drive, Dropbox, or your preferred method. Make sure to include all necessary details to aid in our estimation.


    Receive a Quick

    Within just one hour, we'll analyze your plans and provide a detailed, negotiable quotation. To initiate the project, a 50% upfront payment is required upon agreement of the quote, ensuring a swift start to your project planning.


    Get Your Estimate
and Complete Payment

    Get Your Estimate
    and Complete Payment

    Our skilled construction estimation team will diligently prepare a comprehensive material takeoff and labor estimate. This will be provided to you in a clear and detailed Excel spreadsheet format. Upon review, simply pay the remaining balance to finalize the process.

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