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Accurate Takeoff Estimating Services LLC Near New Jersey

Are you looking for an experienced team of cost estimators to capture accurate construction estimates for your project? Our cost estimating services provide solutions for contractors, developers, and owners. Contracting is an art, so we consider the tedious factors when providing accurate and complete construction cost estimation services.

We Offer

Reliable Construction Estimating Solutions

We are a construction estimation company that provides construction bids and cost estimates for builders and contractors. Our team comprises estimators who are experts in their field and able to take the time to understand your project. Remote Estimation owns best residential construction cost estimators to announce reliable estimations. We learn about your business needs and return to you with exactly the estimate you need.

Construction Takeoff Building Estimating Services



We are outsource estimating services company, our estimators perform most types of flooring takeoffs. We handle carpet, luxury vinyl tile, resilient flooring, wood floors, rubber floors, concrete, etc.


Do you need drywall estimating services or cost estimate for material? We provide estimators’ services for framing, sheathing, and walls.


With our lumber takeoff services, estimators work with the building contractors and ensure the accuracy of the construction in terms of quantities, the number of joists, wooden beams, columns, and lumber used in roof construction.

Our Cost Estimating Services


Our electrician estimates take the stress of costing a job and recovering profitable margins.


We calculate quantities for common masonry construction materials such as face brick, masonry walls, and more.

Land Work

Our construction estimating services are an ideal solution for excavating soil, backfill, and trenching.

Simplified Process;
  1. Upload your drawings and any additional information you have. Send them to Remote Estimation via email, Google Drive, Dropbox, or other methods.
  1. We will send a negotiable quotation within an hour. Due to the electronic remote nature of our services, we accept all major credit cards and Paypal. Once you agree to the quote, you must pay 50% of the total quote upfront as an initial invoice. Once the initial payment has been received, your project is assigned to one of our estimating specialists.
  1. Our construction estimate team will prepare a material takeoff/estimate via email. Information will be sent to you in an excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will contain all material quantities and the estimated labor cost.
  1. The final stop of the process is the payment of the final invoice.
We can provide samples, references, and more to you. If you have any questions or need further information, let us know, and we are happy to provide more. 
What Is A Construction Cost Estimate?
A construction cost estimate is a document that provides the client with a breakdown of the estimated materials, labor, and other costs for any given project. The estimate will be broken down into various sections, including an overview, scope of work, and cost breakdown sections. We offer professional costing and estimating solutions.
How Are Construction Cost Estimates Prepared?
The first step in preparing a construction cost estimate is determining the job’s scope of work. This includes determining what material needs to be purchased, how many workers are needed, and any other factors that may affect the project’s final price tag. Once this information has been gathered, it is broken down into separate categories and listed in detail on the estimate form, generally stored in a spreadsheet.
What Are The Five Types of Estimates?
There are five common types of estimates. Each has its own purpose and uses.
Rough Order to Magnitude Estimates
Rough order of magnitude (ROM) estimates provide an initial estimate of the work required to complete a project or deliverables. ROM estimates are useful for determining whether a project is worth pursuing and have no value beyond this. ROM estimates are often referred to as strawman estimates since they are often used as a starting point for negotiations with stakeholders over budget and scope.
Feasibility Estimates
Feasibility estimates provide an estimate of whether it is possible to build something given the current understanding of the problem, available resources, and constraints on the project. For example, if you want to build an online store, but there’s no internet connection where you live, that makes it infeasible because customers won’t be able to access your products online without reliable internet access.
Preliminary Estimates
An estimate is used to determine the cost of a project and is not intended to be used for final pricing.
Substantive Estimates
In some jurisdictions, a formal written statement of the cost of work to be performed is used in contracting and is required by law.
Definitive Estimates
A formal written statement of the cost of work to be performed, based on a comprehensive study of the facts and circumstances involved, including detailed analysis and supporting documentation.

Why Hiring Remote Estimation Is The Perfect Solution!

We are a construction estimator company, and hiring us is a great way to save money on your project and get it done faster. But why is it so popular? Here are a few reasons why hiring remote estimators is the perfect solution for your business.

Remote Estimation Is Faster

Remote Estimation service is fast because you don’t have to wait for employees to get together in one place. You can hire someone worldwide, and we can start working immediately on your estimates! This saves you time and money when compared with traditional methods like having an employee come into an office every day or finding another office space near them.
Remote Estimation Is More Efficient
When you hire Remote estimation, we know exactly what we need to do before starting work on a project for you. Our experience makes us more efficient than someone who might not understand what needs to be done without investing time in research first. This means that remote estimators can get started immediately and complete projects much faster than if they had to go through all of those steps before starting work on your project!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we begin?

Simply send over your project drawings electronically. They can be sent through Google Drive, email, Dropbox, or other electronic methods. We will respond with an estimate tailor-designed for your needs.

What payment methods do you accept?

Due to the electronic remote nature of our services, we accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

Do you share any previous work or samples, so we know what to expect?

We can provide samples, references, and more to you. If you have any questions or need further information, let us know, and we are happy to provide more.


We work in seven easy steps.


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Initial Invoice Generated & Paid

Step 03

Preparation of Estimates

Step 04

Collaborations (RFIS)

Step 5

Project Delivery

Step 6

Final Payment

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We take great pride in everything that we do, complete control over estimation services allows us to ensure our clients receive the best quality service.

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