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Quantity material takeoffs and estimates for lumber scope of work include but are not limited to linear footages of floor or roof joists, counts of LVL beams, counts of headers, square footages of wall framings, and square footages of floor and roof sheathings. Our comprehensive lumber takeoff services ensure accurate and detailed measurements for all your lumber projects. As experts in lumber takeoff estimating, we provide precise calculations and cost assessments to support your project planning and budgeting needs.

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Lumber Takeoff
& Estimating Services

Contractors working on a residential or commercial project can count on us to provide reliable lumber takeoff. In our 10 years of experience, we’ve delivered accurate wood framing estimates for projects of all sizes in over 20 states. Our team of estimators has decades of collective experience in working on a variety of construction projects. We know what it takes to prepare comprehensive lumber takeoff and millwork estimates for construction projects.

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We take great pride in everything that we do, complete control over estimation services allows us to ensure our clients receive the best quality takeoff & estimation service.

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    What Sets Your Team Apart in Delivering Lumber Takeoff Services?

    At Remote Estimation, we have a team of estimators with decades of collective experience working on various construction projects. We know what it takes to prepare comprehensive lumber takeoff for construction projects. We are committed to quality, so we leverage cutting-edge software to offer an unparalleled lumber estimating process. We understand the unique demands of our clients to deliver comprehensive and reliable lumber takeoff services.

    What Can I Expect from Outsourcing Lumber Takeoff to You?

    We help you with a wide range of commercial and residential projects in very little time. When you send the blueprints, we analyze them and offer quotations. Outsourcing lumber takeoff to us guarantees accurate estimates delivered promptly. With a decade of experience, we’ve delivered accurate wood framing estimates for projects of all sizes in over 20 states. Our detailed estimates empower you with essential project insights, contributing to better planning and budgeting.

    Where Do You Offer Your Services?

    We work digitally by reducing the effort to visit the project sites. You can send us your project drawing or blueprint via mail or using our website from anywhere for estimating lumber for framing. We have served our clients in over 20 states. Contact us for lumber takeoff services in California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Washington, North Carolina, and Ohio.

    How Do You Enhance the Accuracy of Lumber Takeoff Estimates?

    We use cutting-edge software to produce lumber takeoff to ensure the listed costs are accurate. Our employees are well-versed and experienced in automating the takeoff process by leveraging the software. This reduces the error, resulting in precise lumber takeoff estimates. We aim to help clients save time and money on construction projects by delivering timely, high-quality services.

    How Can Your Lumber Takeoff Service Contribute to Cost Savings?

    Outsourcing your lumber estimating needs to enable accurate material estimation, reducing the risk of shortages and excess inventory. This helps you to avoid costly delays by ensuring the right amount of lumber. Understanding the required lumber can optimize the material order, preventing over-purchasing and reducing storage costs. We also help you allocate your resources more efficiently to manage labor schedules for a smooth workflow on the construction site.

    How Can I Hire You for Lumber Takeoff Service?

    Hiring us is very easy. Send us your project blueprint or drawing via email, Google Drive, dropbox, or preferred method. Get a quotation and pay a 50% upfront fee to initiate the lumber takeoff process. You will receive the estimate within the given time frame.

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    Commercial & Residential Construction Takeoff & Estimation Services

    Bid Strategically
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    Our 3 Step
    Simplified Process


    Submit Your Drawings

    Submit Your Drawings

    Begin by sending us your project drawings. Use email, Google Drive, Dropbox, or your preferred method. Make sure to include all necessary details to aid in our estimation.


    Receive a Quick

    Within just one hour, we'll analyze your plans and provide a detailed, negotiable quotation. To initiate the project, a 50% upfront payment is required upon agreement of the quote, ensuring a swift start to your project planning.


    Get Your Estimate
and Complete Payment

    Get Your Estimate
    and Complete Payment

    Our skilled construction estimation team will diligently prepare a comprehensive material takeoff and labor estimate. This will be provided to you in a clear and detailed Excel spreadsheet format. Upon review, simply pay the remaining balance to finalize the process.

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