The construction industry has become challenging for engineers and architects due to the demand for ever-evolving complex projects. Estimation also becomes challenging with the increasing complexity of the project as data increases.

BIM, a multidimensional building model, has made designers’ or architects’ lives easy, ensuring no data is mismatched or missing. So, Remote Estimation is here to help you with BIM estimating, irrespective of your project size. We take pride in providing accurate estimations to thousands of people, leaving no room for error. Our BIM cost estimation ensures accuracy and allows professionals to optimize construction, design, facility, etc.

Working on Our BIM Cost Estimation

The traditional way of estimating is subject to error and requires time to complete the estimation. We at Remote Estimation incorporate BIM technology for accurate BIM estimating services. This reduces the time in estimation by streamlining the mathematical calculation and other processes.

Our BIM and cost estimating services bring many improvements to the table, including critical information, which helps during construction. Our BIM quantity takeoff also consists of customization, enabling estimation for everyone, irrespective of their project.

Moreover, our BIM takeoff solutions can save you valuable time and prevent inaccuracy, eliminating the loss due to miscalculation. It can provide you with an estimation even for unpredictable factors, making it a reliable option.

Achieve Benefits of BIM Cost Estimation from Us

We use BIM software to offer you accurate BIM cost estimation, which brings you several advantages:

Bring Efficiency and Eliminate Uncertainty

Remote estimation brings efficiency using BIM technology and reduces the time taken to choose the element manually. Our BIM cost estimation brings efficiency for construction firms and stakeholders, as we understand the blueprint and ensure higher accuracy in our services. Moreover, our service also eliminates the uncertainty.

Interoperability for General Contractors

Conventional 2D drawing takes a lot of time, and information sharing becomes more challenging due to data loss. BIM enables the seamless information sharing and exchange of information without any data loss. So, you can trust Remote Estimation for accurate BIM cost estimation to aid in better resource management.

Evaluate Design Options

We provide engineers the freedom to make changes or upgrade the design geometry, as BIM automatically reflects the change in cost estimation. This prevents tedious efforts from scratch.

Quicker Takeoff

We at Remote Estimation provide quicker BIM quantity takeoff, allowing contractors to bid more, win more, and improve profitability. We incorporate the best tool in our service along with the best team who unlock the fullest potential of BIM and provide you with the quickest takeoff. 

Moreover, our takeoff improves the overall design quality, lowers the cost, and aids in quicker project completion.

Keep You in Budgets

We support contractors, engineers, designers, etc., to make better decisions, such as changes in design. We provide you calculations for material quantities, labor costs, and others for any change so you can be within budget and bid accurately. 

Get Better Cost Forecasting

At Remote Estimation, you can accurately BIM and cost estimating forecasts for every project. In our report, we provide you with accurate information for every single component, allowing you to have a better understanding.

Why Opt for Remote Estimation?

Remote Estimation understands the importance of your money and time, so we incorporate BIM technology. With us, you can rest assured that every piece of information is correct and leaves no scope for calculation error, which can be the difference between profit and loss. 

We use BIM technology for BIM takeoff solutions, offering the actual measure of every square foot with just a single click. Our solutions provide you with accurate information on the required quantity of materials.

We understand that change is part of the project, so we notify you of the updated cost estimation for any change in design. You can highlight the single element of your project and know the exact completion cost in 3D. However, you can also schedule the project and identify the required cost accordingly.

Simply put, Remote Estimation provides BIM estimating, allowing engineers to change in design throughout the estimation time. We provide you with accurate estimations regardless of updates or variations.

Avail the Holistic BIM Takeoff Solutions

Remote Estimation is a BIM estimating services provider and is your partner in your success. With us, you can complete your project within budget with an affordable and reliable estimating service. We have served more than 20 states in the United States.

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