The construction industry is highly competitive, and construction takeoffs help the industry quantify the resources required to complete the project. Accurate takeoff is essential for successful project completion.

Remote Estimation offers construction takeoff services to contractors, subcontractors, etc., consisting of labor, material, and other important costs. Little mistakes can lead to project failure and can cause unexpected costs and delays.

Know About Our Construction Takeoff Services

Remote Estimation has made construction takeoffs and estimating very fast and accurate, helping you save time and deal with complexity. We leverage the latest software and technology, which help us understand your project blueprint and construction drawing.

We identify the project type, size, and quantity accurately, allowing you to bid more and win more. This helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors, whether you are working on industrial, commercial, residential, etc.

If you are looking for construction takeoff service, Remote Estimation is here to help you. Moreover, we help our clients with tailored solutions that fit into your business. Our experienced professional has worked with several industries and provides you with accurate details.

Who We Serve

  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Architects
  • Remodeling contractors

Quantity Takeoff Service We Offer

Performing construction takeoffs can be challenging, time-consuming, and resource-intensive. Remote Estimation offers construction estimating services to all types of projects.

Takeoff for Contractors

Usually, contractors opt for construction takeoff services, as it can be time-consuming and disrupt their productivity. We help many subcontractors with precise and detailed takeoff, finalizing their bid to the client with 60% less estimating expense.

We offer our construction takeoff service to contractors who reach out to us to verify the bids proposed by subcontractors. And we help them to get more and better bids.

Takeoff for Developers

Our construction cost estimator helps developers in the early stage of construction projects, helping them to understand that the project is worth time and money. Our estimator is experienced and well-versed and assists you with the accurate pricing of material, labor, and other resources.

Preliminary Takeoffs

We offer preliminary construction estimation to businesses at the initial stage of the project, allowing you to understand the cost, resources, and time required to complete the project successfully. Remote Estimation helps you make better decisions and invest your time and money in a better project.

Pre-Construction Takeoffs and Estimates

Our residential construction takeoff services help you prepare bids if you are looking to invest in residential projects. We analyze the bids that are being submitted for a specific project and provide more accurate data, helping you start the project.

Investment Analysis

Remote Estimation helps you make better investment decisions, as we analyze the investment and provide the relevant information, such as vendor quotation, verify budget, etc.

Estimate as per Local Pricing

Location matters in construction takeoff, so we customize our service based on your locality and zip code. This allows us to provide an accurate price of labor and materials based on your location.

How Our Services Help You?

Our construction estimation can help you with various processes:

Win More Bids

We offer construction takeoffs and estimating, which covers all data for project completion. We conduct in-depth research and estimate the required cost for the successful completion of the project. When you have a detailed analysis of any project, you get a competitive edge over your competitors.

Clear and Transparent Communication

We provide you with clear construction estimating services with detailed finance about the project, allowing you to handle your finances correctly. This will create a good impression in front of your clients.

We don’t complicate any process and simplify all the technological concepts, aiding in more transparent communication.

Better Time Management

A construction cost estimator helps you better your time management and focus on your core business. With our digital solutions, you can eliminate your project complexity and aid in quick construction projects. Moreover, with our reliable service, you can avoid complexities and complete your time within a given time frame. 

Reliable Cost Tracking

If you are looking to control your expenditure, services like residential construction takeoff services are the only way to control your spending. 

Our Other Services

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Why Opt for Remote Estimation?

Remote Estimation is a trusted construction takeoff services provider, helping you with accurate construction service. We ensure accuracy in our service using the latest software and technology. Moreover, in case of any assistance, we will get back to you in 24-48 hours. Be assured that our service will not take a toll on your pocket. 

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