The construction industry is highly competitive with multiple bid going for a limited number of projects. Keeping this in mind, Remote Estimation provides freelance estimating services to ensure accuracy and efficiency in estimations. Our freelance construction estimating services are provided on an hourly rate for businesses that dont have the resources or time to manage estimation related tasks. 

It is our priority to hire only the most experienced professionals and engineers who give accurate freelance estimating that includes labor, materials, and other aspects of a project. This allows you to become flexible and invest in estimation as and when required.

We Possess a Highly Skilled Team of Estimators

With considerable tenure in the estimation business, Remote Estimation possess highly skilled professionals who are knowledgeable in the latest software and tools that generate accurate estimates. 

Our team is proficient in reading your blueprints and identifying the gaps where you can reduce costs. Remote Estimation understands the continuous improvement and upgradation in the industry and provides training to team members to stay up-to-date on the latest industry standards and regulations.

At Remote Estimation, our freelance construction estimator also possesses a strong work ethic and is committed to high quality standards. We ensure transparent communication with all our clients during the estimation process, ensuring that clients  are well-informed every step of the way.

With our freelance construction estimating service, you have access to expertise and commitment. Whether you are working on a small or large project, we are here to help you with comprehensive freelance construction estimation.

Enhance the Value of Your Company with Our Valuable Service

The market is filled with estimation companies, but Remote Estimation stands out in the crowd, as we provide you with comprehensive estimation, including reasonable freelance estimator rates. We pay attention to minor details, helping you to get accurate and timely delivery.

When you choose us as a freelance construction estimator, we provide you with an overview of our operation and how we will work on your project. Here are some of the main reasons you should choose our independent construction estimation service.

  • We have experienced professionals who work on the latest software and technologies
  • We are very professional and provide you with accurate estimations under the deadline
  • Our service enables you to pay more savings and pay only when you require service
  • Transparency in pricing, ensuring no hidden charge and last-minute surprise
  • We adhere to industry standards and regulations
  • We understand the global trends and offer our service accordingly so you can scale your business
  • With our accurate freelance estimating services, you can wid more and secure more project
  • Get an independent construction estimator for all types of projects, such as commercial, residential, and industrial buildings.

When Should You Hire Us

Smooth operation is key to success for any business; however, it requires a clear overview of estimates. Hiring a freelance construction estimator can help you achieve your goal. Our services can help you if you are:


If you are starting in the construction industry, seeking help from us can help you kick off your journey. With our independent construction estimator, you can apply more bids and have higher chances of winning the project. Hire us today and reduce the cost of hiring a full-time estimator.

Require Unbiased Guidance

We help you solve the dispute with contractors. Remote Estimation provides the appropriate and unbiased service with its experience and knowledge. 

Reduce Overhead Cost

We help you take an edge over competitors with fewer resources. Whenever you want, you can choose our service according to your project requirements.

What We Offer in Our Freelance Service

At Remote Estimation, we understand every project requires unique requirements, so we bring the widest range of freelance estimating services. You can avail of our services irrespective of size and complexity.

  • Freelance Mechanical Estimator
  • Freelance Plumbing Estimator
  • Freelance Masonry Estimator
  • Freelance Concrete Estimator
  • Freelance Electrical Estimator
  • Freelance Steel Estimator
  • Freelance Insulation Estimator
  • Freelance Xactimate Estimator
  • Freelance Lumber Estimator
  • Freelance Drywall Estimator

Why Opt for Remote Estimation?

Remote Estimation is one of the biggest firms with years of experience. We help you win more bids and increase ROI. If you are spending money on an in-house team, we recommend choosing our freelancing service, including a freelance electrical estimator

At Remote Estimation, we employ the best professionals to provide you with high-quality solutions, whether you are a startup owner or a small contractor. We can help you with a wide range of projects, such as industrial, residential, park and recreation, educational institutes, etc.

Hire Us Today!

If you are looking for an independent construction estimator, contact us today. We can help you increase your bid volume and estimate efficiency.