Are you looking for an accurate material takeoffs service provider? Remote Estimation is at your side. We offer you accurate and reliable material takeoff service so you can complete your project. Our team of experienced and well-versed professionals facilitates you with detailed and accurate material takeoffs.

We offer service to subcontractors, contractors, and estimators so they can get the accurate material cost and win the bid. Our residential construction material take off service for all projects, from small to big ones, so they can optimize the projects before bidding, enabling them to make a profit.

We also include manual markup in our service, so you can cater to your needs, irrespective of material needs, throughout the construction process. We offer clear descriptions of materials and their costs to promote the efficiency of your project.

Get a Reliable and Accurate Material Takeoff Service

The construction projects are expensive, and a little mistake in material cost estimation can lead to a loss. That’s why Remote Estimation offers construction takeoff services in USA at a reasonable price. Our estimation service is accurate and reliable, as we have years of experience and dozens of happy clients. At Remote Estimation, you can avail yourself of a budget-friendly and accurate takeoff service. Here are a few benefits our material takeoff services offer.

  • Accuracy: At Remote Estimation, we have extensively experienced professionals who have been in the industry for years and are well aware of material industry trends. It helps us offer you an accurate estimation service. Furthermore, the material price fluctuates, so we do manual markup to ensure accuracy.
  • Speed: Remote Estimation offers one of the fastest construction takeoff services in USA, producing results way faster than manual takeoffs. It allows you to take a competitive advantage and win bidding. We also provide you with 24-48 hours of turnaround time if there is any need.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: We understand the budget constraints. That’s why we offer competitive rates on our service without compromising our quality. We use the latest software, preventing costly errors.  
  • Conceptual Estimation: Remote Estimation understands winning a bid is important, so find the detailed material cost, ensuring a financial commitment. 

What We Offer in Our Material Takeoff Services

Material Quantities

Remote Estimation finds the detailed list of required material to complete the project. The quantity and list of materials can vary depending on the project’s complexity. We determine the estimated quantities for completing the project to offer accurate material quantities. We analyze your blueprints, project plans, or drawings to extract this data. Based on this information, we calculate the required list of materials and their materials. 

Material Takeoff

Next, we offer accurate material takeoffs by breaking down the material cost based on how material takeoff is prepared. However, the material price is not constant and keeps fluctuating. We find the material price by conducting a material price analysis from industry sources.

Manual vs Digital Material Takeoff: What Remote Estimation Used

Traditionally, the construction material takeoff process has been done manually using paper and pencil. To find the required material quantities and costs, one must go through various calculations. Moreover, manual takeoffs are prone to human error, leading to inaccurate measurements. It is a time-consuming process that is not good in the ever-evolving world. That’s why Remote Estimation brings you the digital material takeoff process. 

We offer material takeoff services digitally using the latest technology and software. The software helps us offer a quick material takeoff service. We understand that a little mistake can take a toll on your budget. That’s why we offer an accurate estimation service so you can complete your project on a budget.  

Step-by-Step We Follow to Offer You Material Takeoff

We accept blueprint or architectural drawings sent by you using our website, email, large box, etc. Before starting working on your project, we send a detailed quote for our service and date to provide an estimation. We will review your project plan once we receive it to determine all required materials and its cost. Our team is well-versed in using the latest software, providing you with all the necessary material details.

We determine the material required to finish the project based on the complexity of your project and also make the list of necessary materials. Furthermore, we calculate the material’s volume, surface, area, and length to find the total material quantity to complete the project. Once we finish with residential construction material take off, we provide you with an estimate. 

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Remote Estimation is a material takeoff service provider in the USA at an affordable price. Choosing us for material takeoffs can facilitate several benefits. Our team is well-versed and experienced in this estimation industry. We offer accurate and precise construction material takeoff with the fastest turnaround time. We ensure accuracy in our service, so we revise Estimates in 24-48 hours. Our customer service is also available 24×7 so you can cater to your needs. Get in touch with us today and control your finances.