Are your architects delaying the drawing, and are you not aware of the approximate cost of your project? Are you frustrated about it, as the design is not completed yet? Don’t worry. Remote Estimation is here to help you with preliminary estimate service.

Preliminary estimate services are one of the crucial aspects of the construction process as it facilitates the estimated cost of your project when the drawing is in the initial phase, and there are not many specifications available. Our preliminary estimate and detailed estimate service offer a broad understanding of the cost, resources, and time required to complete the project, allowing you to make a better decision. 

However, you should know that a preliminary estimate is done when no information is available, so it can be changed as the project progresses. But it is essential to make a better decision at the start of the project.

What Do We Offer in the Preliminary Estimate Services?

Preliminary estimate services are vital for making a better decision irrespective of the nature of the projects. Our state-of-the-art process offers you the estimated cost by following the various steps.

  • Project Assessment

When you choose a preliminary construction service from us, we start working immediately to offer the accurate estimated cost. We ask you to provide the information, so we can easily assess your project. The information includes project details, materials, labor requirements, and other relevant information. However, it is vital to remember the estimated cost can differ if you change your plans.

  • Analysis and Evaluation

Once we gather the information, we will evaluate your project to determine the preliminary construction budget. Our teams can also visit your site to assess the existing condition of your project, take measurements and identify the potential changes in the future that can affect the cost. However, a few factors, such as labor, material, etc., can affect the estimated cost.

  • Cost Analysis

We have been in the industry for years, and our team has years of experience and calculates the approximate cost of your project based on the gathered information. The preliminary cost estimate involves breaking the project into various parts, labor, materials, permits, equipment, etc. We calculate the cost of each component after breaking down. It gives a fair idea of the preliminary cost of construction, and we facilitate you with the estimated cost.

  • Presentation and Documentation

When we finish the preliminary cost plan, we present our findings to you, and you can also get to know the assumptions made during the estimation process. Our detailed result allows you to make better decisions and also guide you to the potential area where you can reduce the cost. After or During the presentation, you can review our preliminary estimates in construction projects and give us the appropriate feedback.

  • Refinement and Finalization

When we finish the presentation, we consider your feedback and input and refine the estimates if needed. 

How Can Preliminary Estimate Aid You?

Taking an estimation service from us aids you in the following points, saving you money.

  • Project Feasibility Assessment

Taking preliminary estimate services allows you to compare the estimated cost and your available budget. It ensures that your project aligns with your finance. If it doesn’t, you can make a better decision by becoming aware since it evaluates the construction cost in the early stage of development so you can assess the feasibility and make an informed decision. 

  • Early Decision Making

A preliminary cost estimate allows you to make critical decisions about a project, such as funding and resource allocation. It saves you too much money by evaluating all the design and its impact on the cost of the overall project. Considering this service will allow you to make an informed decision, evaluating risks and benefits that reduce the construction cost without compromising quality.

  • Budgeting Planning

Our preliminary cost plan offers you the estimation of cost at the early stage of development, allowing you to discuss budgeting and finance. By discussing, you can get an idea of the required resource and develop an accurate and realistic budget for your project. With this service, you can allocate your finance or seek investment if needed.

  • Risk Management

If you take preliminary estimates in construction projects from us, we help you by identifying the potential risk and challenges associated with the project. However, it identifies the improved area early so that you can mitigate the potential cost overruns.  

Factors to Consider While Choosing Preliminary Estimate Services

Selecting a preliminary estimate and detailed estimate service provider might be overwhelming. Consider the following points to get the best possible service.

  • A service provider must have experience and expertise in preliminary construction estimates. Their experience ensures that you can get an accurate cost estimate.
  • The service provider must have industry knowledge so they can understand the market trends and facilitate you with the exact estimation test. Their knowledge and expertise can help you gather valuable insight. 
  • The best service provider maintains transparent communication throughout the process. We are open to discussing the methods, limitations, and assumptions in the estimation approach so you can get the best estimation.
  • Seek references from other people who have taken the preliminary cost in construction. Also, read the reviews and testimonials to help you choose the best service provider.
  • The best service provider assesses the time and cost required to complete your project. So you can align your investment with your project.

How to Get a Preliminary Construction Budget?

We follow three basic steps to offer you the accurate estimated cost of your project at the initial stage.

  • Submit Your Drawing Plans

Take our service by sending your drawing plans. You can do it by visiting our website’s contact page. You can either fill out the form, mail us at, or call us at (630) 999-6501 / (201) 895-2723.

  • Get a Quote

Once you send us your plans, our team starts working on your project and quotes you the delivery date, invoice, and turnaround time. You can pay us using various methods.

  • Receive Estimate

Once we finish the estimation, we deliver you the EXCEL sheet with brief construction cost details. 

How Can Remote Estimation Help You?

Remote Estimation is a preliminary estimate provider, and we estimate the cost of your project at a reasonable cost. We have a team of experts that ensure accuracy, saving you money. We offer you the fastest service as you can hire us from anywhere, and our team starts working on your project immediately. This saves you time and money as we facilitate you with accurate and detailed service and also offer you 24-48 hours of turnaround time. You can get our service at a reasonable price.