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Streamlining Construction Costs with Accurate Quantity Takeoff

Quantity takeoff is a process to estimate the overall input required, such as material, labor, equipment, and other factors for the construction of your project. Considering the quantity takeoff construction allows you to know the accurate resource required to complete the project, not the cost of the overall project. This is the very early stage of figuring out the cost and scope, where numerous professionals, such as engineers, architects, and contractors, can be involved. However, during the takeoff process, you may hear a few terms, like material takeoffs and structural steel quantity takeoff.

Remote Estimation is an estimation firm offering accurate quantity takeoff at a reasonable price so you become aware of the required resources to complete the project and bid strategically. However, construction quantity takeoff can be done manually and using tools. Like any other industry, technology has paved the way for faster and more accurate estimation in the construction industry. We use the latest technology, helping us to offer you various services, including material takeoffs services.

Quantity Takeoff Vs. Material Takeoff

Many people confuse material takeoffs services with quantity takeoffs, but they are unequal. Here are some critical differences between quantity and material takeoffs.

Material takeoff is the subset of the quantity takeoffs and focuses on quantifying the required material, such as steel, wood, bricks, concrete, etc., to complete the project. It ensures the correct amount of each material is ordered and available on-site during construction.

On the other hand, quantity takeoff is a broader term encompassing all the resources required to complete the project, including the material. The quantity takeoffs, labor, equipment, etc., are the crucial takeoff required to complete the project.

Hire Remote Estimation for Accurate Material Takeoffs

Are you bidding for a project or outsourcing the construction to contractors? Getting an accurate quantity takeoff for material is vital. You can achieve accuracy by hiring a professional like Remote Estimation. We quantify and list all the required material by analyzing the blueprints or drawings of your project. It helps you budget, plan, and order accurate material. Here are some of the major reasons that become necessary to hire professionals like us.

Expertise and Experience

Hiring professional estimators like us gives you the edge over other bidders, as we are specialized and experienced in quantity surveying and material takeoff. We understand your needs and interpret your construction drawing accurately, helping you identify all the materials and quantities required for the project.


Accuracy is the foremost thing in material takeoffs like structural steel quantity takeoff, and we have trained professionals who prevent errors during the quantity takeoff method, including the material. It helps you prevent shortages or costly overages during the project.


Professionals, like Remote Estimation, perform the material takeoff efficiently, which saves you time and resources. We incorporate the latest technology and tools that streamline the takeoff process and provide the best results.

Cost Efficiency

Cost is one of the crucial factors, and that’s where we offer you the accurate construction quantity takeoff to optimize the material and other resources. It can help you optimize the material order, reducing material wastage. It can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Advanced Tools and Software

We use the advanced and latest software that aids in improving the quality and accuracy of the takeoffs. With the help of these tools, we handle complex calculations, mitigating the possibility of errors.


When you hire us, we take responsibility for delivering accurate results, ensuring the success of your project. 

Bid Confidence

When you take our service like rebar quantity takeoff, you will have confidence while bidding as we give you the precise material takeoff data. You can use this during the bid to avoid overpaying. 

Advantages We Offer!

Hiring an estimator to estimate the required material in the project during the construction process can offer you several advantages. At Remote Estimation, we give you a comprehensive overview of quantities, types, and specifications of material to complete the project.

We facilitate the precise cost estimation of the material required in the project by breaking it down. This aids you in budget planning and cost control, ensuring projects are completed within the allocated budget. With Remote Estimation, you can also streamline the procurement process that prevents over or under-buying. The project manager can order the right materials at the right time with our estimation service. With our material takeoffs services, you can mitigate wastage. You can allocate the resource for better utilization.

Choose Remote Estimation for Reliable Material Takeoffs Services!

Remote Estimation is a construction estimation company offering you a wide range of estimation services, including material takeoffs. If you are starting or bidding on a project, you must know the required cost to prevent overpaying. That’s where our service comes to help you. We have a skilled team that analyzes the project design or blueprint and offers you detailed information about the material by breaking down the required material to complete the project.


Quantity takeoff plays a vital role in project planning and management. It helps construction professionals determine the precise quantities of materials needed, reducing the risk of over or under-ordering. Accurate quantity takeoff is the foundation for cost estimating, tendering, and ultimately ensuring the project stays within budget.

We follow multiple steps during construction quantity takeoff, starting with reviewing project drawings and specifications. Breaking down the project into measurable components, such as walls, floors, and roofs. Measuring and quantifying the materials required for each component. Applying appropriate waste factors and accounting for variations in construction techniques. Summing up the quantities to obtain the total required for the entire project.

Accurate quantity takeoff directly influences project budgeting and cost control. By knowing the precise quantities of materials needed, construction companies can procure materials efficiently, avoid unnecessary expenses, and optimize the budget allocation for each aspect of the project.

By having precise quantities of materials, labor, and equipment required for the project, construction teams can plan and ensure timely procurement and availability of resources. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of delays caused by material shortages or logistical issues.

Software We Use

We use the world leading software for accurate estimation.

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Bluebeam Revu

Used for GC Estimates

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Used for GC Estimates

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For Grading/Excavations Subs

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For Flooring Subs


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