Construction Cost Per SF in New Jersey


Having a house is a dream of people, isn’t it? Most Americans want a house that will become their family’s home, where they can create memories. House offers a sense of security and achievement, but owning a house is rigorous. According to building cost estimation, building a new house in New Jersey is 9% more expensive than the national average, and New Jersey is 4th place for building a home in terms of expense.

Building a house from scratch costs between $300,000 to $460,000 in New Jersey. The cost depends on multiple factors such as the property’s location, size, material & finish choices, design, and type. This article will guide you through the exact construction cost if you are unaware of the exact building cost.

Cost of Building per SF Home in New Jersey

A new home building depends on multiple things, such as location, home type, design, etc. The construction cost estimator estimates the building cost by analyzing the following points.

Land Purchasing and Lot Preparation

If you have decided to build a new home, purchase a land. It will take a chunk of money that will vary depending on the location, size, etc. If your budget allows, buy land where sewer or cable lines are connected. In a location where sewer or cable lines are not connected, connecting costs will be considered, such as city sewers, electric grids, and water lines. However, the lot preparation cost will increase in less desirable conditions. So, consider building cost estimation before buying land to understand the building cost.

Pre-Construction Costs

Building a home in New Jersey requires a permit from the local authorities to avoid any penalties in the future. To take permission, fill out the form, pay the permit fees, and apply for the permit. You must hire a team and develop a home plan to begin construction, which requires considerable labor. However, the cost of pre-construction can take 10-25% of the total project cost.


After taking the permit, you must make a house plan and a personalized blueprint with the help of an architect. When blueprints are built, consult a contractor. However, you should contact a construction cost estimator to get the exact budget according to your blueprint. It will help you save money from the contractor. Remote Estimation is an estimator that will provide information on construction costs like material costs.

Professional Fees

You will consult many professionals such as architects, engineers, interior designers, etc., but you need specific professionals based on your home plan and desired features. However, contractors charge 10-20% of the cost and lead the other professionals.

Residential Construction

Now, the construction part comes into consideration. The construction cost can be divided into three categories – material, labor, and administrative.

Materials are crucial as they are used to construct your home, but you should know their cost as they can make or break your budget. Recently, the material price went up due to the supply chain issue. Choose a specific material that will best suit your budget. Consult with a construction cost estimator, which will help you know the required budget for material takeoff.

Labor cost is another expense to keep in mind, and it will range based on the project’s timeline. Generally, contractors add the cost of labor in their contracts, so it is possible you don’t need to deal with it separately.

Breakdown of Home Building Cost In New Jersey

When a new home starts to be built, each construction step demands dedicated expenses.

  • The foundation is the foremost step of building a home, and expenses can vary between $4 and $25 per SF.
  • When the home is ready, it requires systems like electricity, water, and other crucial aspects.
  • When building a home is finished, the interior finish becomes crucial to provide the personal touch that offers a warm and cozy feel.
  • Ultimately, your home requires appliances such as a fridge, AC, geyser, etc.
  • The landscape is required in front and back yards when everything is done. The back and front yards require a fence that can cost you between $1,330 to $5,550.

How Can Remote Estimation Help You? 

Everyone wants a home, and its specifications depend on their budget. Some people build it as a luxury, while for some, it is a sense of satisfaction and security. 

However, building a home from scratch is a tedious task as it requires too much effort and budget, especially in New Jersey. If you want to build a home from scratch, you should consider building cost estimation from Remote Estimation to get the exact required budget for each step, from purchasing land to constructing your home. We are construction cost estimators, helping you in various ways, like concrete takeoff. At Remote Estimation, we have a dedicated service to help you see your dream coming true.

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