Determining Drywall Installation Cost For New Project


New Drywall Installation Cost Estimation

Rapid changes in material costs can make it difficult to determine the cost of your next drywall project, especially since the cost of a drywall installation can fall anywhere between $955 and $2547. The geographic location, job specifications, and labor costs all have a substantial impact on the final price. Plus, if you’re adding specialty material such as Class X drywall or greenboard or installing elements that require expertise such as archways, then you can expect the price to go up further. Clearly, there’s a lot that goes into a drywall project estimate—which is why choosing a reliable drywall estimating service can help you avoid the headache and enjoy accurate estimates that land you successful bids. Here are some key aspects a professional construction estimation company takes into account:

1. Material Costs

While this one is quite obvious, the tricky part is managing different requirements. For instance, are there any special projects that require quarter-inch drywall? Or do damp areas require greenboard installation? What about fire-prone areas that need heavy Class X drywall sheets? The second part is keeping track of material prices that fluctuate rapidly. An accurate estimate of current material costs can help you land an agreement with the supplier and lock in prices for the future.

2. Labor Costs

Having the right crew on hand can make or break your project—it can make a significant difference in the efficiency, cost, and profitability of the job. Experienced drywall hangers and tapers might charge more, but they’re better equipped to handle specialty projects and often work at a faster pace too. The specification of the job will determine the level of expertise you require.

3. Job-Related Costs

Additionally, drywall estimating service providers will look at miscellaneous costs that you’ll incur for a specific project. This includes permits, prep work, and possible rentals that you might require. Even smaller expenses, such as providing lunch to your workers on a fast-track project, will eventually burn through your profits. Hence, it’s critical to understand the nature of the job and consider every potential expense.

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