Drywall Installation Cost: How To Find Drywall Contractor For You?


Our today’s round up will be helping you to known the drywall installation cost estimating process. In this article, Remote Estimation LLC have explained all things you need to know before hiring a drywall contractor to estimate the cost of installation, repair, and others.   


1. Drywall Material Costs

Drywall material prices can vary significantly depending on the type of job and the type of materials you choose. Standard 4×8 ft. panels cost about $10, but you’ll find that prices vary depending on the thickness and size of the panel. Other considerations include:

  • Mold and moisture-resistant drywall materials such as fiberglass mats or concrete boards will cost about $20 for each panel
  • Fire-resistant boards are priced about 20% higher than standard panels
  • Drywall mud is used to create a smooth and even texture, but also costs extra.

2. Labor and Prep Cost


This component of the cost depends on the square footage of the site and how much work is required. A skilled professional will ensure a smooth texture on the final surface that facilitates easy paint application. The standard labor cost of one standard-size room is around $900 and might increase if you need repairs, such as popcorn ceiling removal.

Popcorn ceiling removal can be quite hazardous depending on the complexity of the project and requires scraping, taping, sanding, priming, and painting of the ceiling.


3. Drywall Repair Cost


Many homeowners choose to get repairs instead of replacing a drywall completely. The national average to repair a 4×8 ft. drywall panel is $225. The price might vary depending on the material quantity, size of the cracks, and factors such as rot and mold.


4. Remodel vs. New Construction


Drywall installation for a new construction project is generally lower per board or per square foot than a home remodel. During a remodel, drywall contractors often have to work in different areas of the house while different repair projects are being carried out simultaneously. On the other hand, during new construction, it’s much easier to put up a whole wall unimpeded.


5. Minimum Service Fee


Most drywall contractors charge a minimal service fee to meet operating expenses. Even if you need a small section of your drywall repaired, the contractor will still have to send at least one skilled laborer, supply materials and tools, a company vehicle, and bear other expenses associated with the job.


Get Dependable Drywall Estimation Services


When planning a residential or commercial drywall project, there are some costs that even the most experienced contractors tend to overlook. To ensure you get the most reliable estimate possible, reach out to the experts at Remote Estimation.

Remote Estimation offers accurate drywall estimating services that can help you ensure the profitability of your project. For more information about our cost estimation services in the United States, contact us today.


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