Key Factors to Consider While Choosing a Construction Concrete Estimating Service


Commercial construction estimation is one of those verticals that need deep experience and the knowledge of all ins & outs of commercial takeoffs & construction planning. When you have a tricky project at hand, a construction estimating service can exceptionally help in figuring out the cost estimation and many more things. 

You will find many options while looking for genuine construction concrete estimating services, which puts you in a situation where you’ll find yourself on the fence. 

Remembering the factors while choosing a construction estimating service can help you determine the right one. 

So, let’s move on.

Choose the Best Construction Concrete Estimating Services – Top Factors 

Below are those factors that play a crucial role in choosing a legit concrete estimation service:

Service Providing Accurate Construction Labor & Material Takeoff – The cost of labour is one of the foremost things that no commercial construction project planner should ignore. Labour cost is trickier than hourly rates, which includes both federal & state payroll costs, besides benefits. 

Therefore, to find the ideal labour cost, construction concrete takeoff services break down labour cost and the level of work experience and evaluate projects to help save cost and accurate reports. 

Another part of the equation that needs to be figured out with precision & accuracy is material takeoffs. Considering the company’s portfolio would be best because it signifies the service is updated with current market trends. 

After you have a reliable material takeoff from a reputable estimating service, you will receive free updates even on minor price changes. 

Go with a Service Having a Diverse Portfolio – A company with a diverse portfolio can handle estimates and takeoffs for multiple projects. In other words, a construction estimating consultant with a different portfolio better understands takeoffs, bidding, and other associated verticals. At Remote Estimation, we have projects including renovation, addition, new construction, and restoration. 

Lookout for Services Providing both Estimates & Consultation – It’s essential that services that are good enough at estimation must also be good at consultation. It’s because if they are familiar with the estimation process, they would also be aware of solutions to most construction-related problems. Is that preparation for the bid proposal or the understanding of how you can avoid cost overruns?

You will get insight into staying caught up on cost overruns, assist in preparing bid proposals, and help manage the budget from a good commercial construction cost estimation service. 

Prioritize Expertise over Lesser Quotes – Good construction concrete takeoff services offer competitive rates that make them accessible to a construction planner, a subcontractor, or an architect. 

You must check the review of the company by clients if you are getting relatively low rates which are boiling the ocean. These reviews from clientele signify a clear picture of the brand and speak to how good the service is. Therefore, only run for a service with low prices and good reviews. It’s better to search for others with beautiful reviews and an in-house team of experts.

Look for the Turnaround Time of Service – The construction concrete estimation process is time-consuming. Not only does it leave you exhausted, but estimates must be intricately detailed, including spending many days or weeks. 

That’s why most construction companies, subcontractors, contractors, architects, vendors, and others rely on outsourcing construction concrete estimation services. Outsourcing the services and getting accurate estimates from experts can complete the task within a quick turnaround time. 

However, if the outsourcing service is taking more than 3 days for the preparation of estimates, it’s better to opt for other services that offer quick, accurate estimates within time. The ideal turnaround time is anywhere between 24-48 hours. 

Wrapping Up

We at Remote Estimation prioritize accuracy and precision to assist our clients with bidding and budget planning, design estimates, and more. This applies to residential and commercial construction cost estimates and other speciality estimates. We offer the following services to our clientele while collaborating with builders, developers, remodelers, architects, and other professionals:

  • Construction estimates for contractors & sub-contractors
  • Design estimates
  • Construction material takeoffs
  • Preliminary estimate & construction document estimate for developers
  • Consultation & bid filing
  • Constructor estimator 

We aim to assist you in achieving success and profitability in every project you work on with our concrete estimating services by providing accurate reports that are simple to understand, reasonable quotes, confidentiality, and an experienced team of certified estimators. 

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