Role of Takeoff Estimating in Sustainable Construction – Why Does It Matter?


There is no denying the fact that material takeoff (MTO) is one of the essential documents in the construction project’s success. It includes a complete list of all the required quantities of the materials for the completion of the project that is derived from construction drawings & plans. This document is also known as construction takeoff or quantity takeoff. 

By reflecting a pivotal part in the decision-making process of construction projects, takeoff estimating services makes up one of the essential parts of understanding the needs & scope of a project. 

But what are the roles of takeoff estimating in sustainable construction? 

Let’s dive right into this post and check out those. 

What is Quantity Takeoff?

In construction estimates, quantity takeoff contracts quantities from drawings and recording the construction plan in the Bill of Quantities. In construction practice, it’s a process wherein the construction cost estimator reviews the drawings & plans to forecast the construction cost. 

Architectural, structural, electrical, and site water reticulations are the standard documents used in construction takeoffs. You can find the best accurate construction project cost using a building estimating service.

The Roles of Takeoff Estimating Services in Sustainable Construction 

The contribution of takeoff estimating must always be addressed in cost estimation. Let’s discuss the importance of quantity takeoffs below:

Cost Tracking – With accurate quantity takeoffs, it would be easier to track construction costs as you have a clear picture of the amount you need to spend. This estimation of cost helps make the right decisions and avoids budget overruns. Moreover, you’ll have room for unexpected expenses and can easily predict the building elements, labor, equipment, and materials. 

Communication – In the construction industry, everything boils down to cost. Every client wants ways through which they can easily optimize their spending. Accurate cost estimates boost clear communication that keeps the client updated. In return, this leads to a winning situation of clients’ trust. The client will have a complete record and can track the project expenditures. 

Winning More Bids – To win the correct bid, you must research your cost estimates and write them that give you an advantage over your competitors. The contractor’s constancy with accurate takeoffs reflects their work efficiency, and they will win more bids. The quantity takeoff estimation can be tiresome at first, but ultimately, it’s a formula to win more & more bids when examined deeply. 

Time Management – The quantity takeoffs affect the budgetary decisions of any construction project and clients’ decisions in contractor selection. The selection of a contractor can be a mind-numbing & daunting task; however, building estimating service can save a lot of time if wasted on rectification of the accuracy if done. 

Let’s Breakdown a Material Takeoff

Material takeoff includes the comprehensive list of all materials required for the project’s completion. Material takeoff includes all the raw materials and prefabricated items used in construction, and it doesn’t include the actual cost of material, equipment, tools, or labor required for project completion. 

This differentiates takeoff from estimate, as it covers the materials and the quantities required to complete every project. The number of materials is used during the estimation process to determine the material cost and any additional costs for labor, equipment, overhead, etc. 

Material takeoff generally begins with the construction drawings, plans, and project documents. With the help of these documents, you can quantify several building objects, such as:

Count – Material quantity takeoff specifies the need for individual items, such as sink faucets, light fixtures, and doorknobs.

Length – Besides essential dimensions, the material takeoff offers the length of items like pipes & cables. 

Area – Typically, an area’s material takeoff is measured in square feet. Commonly the surface area is used for walls, ceilings, floors, and roofs of materials, such as drywall, paints, flooring, etc.

Volume – The measurement of volume is required for some materials, like knowing the amount of asphalt used per yard required to lay a concrete foundation. 

There are 2 types of takeoffs for the estimation of the project. 

Types of Takeoff Estimation Projects

Manual Takeoffs: Even today, many construction design professionals use traditional paper blueprints & plans, which is possible to find accurate takeoff from these materials. 

However, it’s crucial that the estimator can read the blueprints & plans accurately for the type of work being quantified. Also, the diagrammatic representation of project dimensions contains symbols and notes indicating the material type used. 

It’s beneficial to use different colors of pens while working on these plans to distinguish different items & the types of the material specified. Paper blueprints are expensive and time-consuming, so most competent estimators are adopting the latest technology to perform the estimates. Rather than using a pen or markers, it’s best to use a transparent plastic overlay rather than marking the blueprint directly. 

Digital Takeoffs – It’s possible that manual takeoffs are used to find accurate estimates. Still, the truth is that the process is complex and laborious, which can even throw up errors if a single unit is wrong. 

The use of digital blueprints is increasing daily with the help of takeoff software that is used to streamline and automate the takeoff process. This is also referred to as takeoff estimating services. 

Wrapping Up

For any construction project, material takeoff quantities are vital to accurate cost estimation. Not only do they inform the quantity required of material for the project, but they also impact the cost of labor, equipment, and project timeline. 

If you are looking for takeoff estimating services, Remote Estimation is always there for you. With our takeoff estimating services, you can bid more competitively and win more jobs. 

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