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When it comes to flooring, you are faced with a wide variety of options, each promising to be an excellent choice. Whether you have recently moved into a new house or are just looking for a new flooring solution, Laminated flooring offers several benefits that make it a popular choice for homes and commercial buildings. These benefits include durability, ease of maintenance, and moisture resistance, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. When choosing a new flooring solution for your property, there are so many options that it can be overwhelming. This is where laminate flooring cost estimators come into play, helping you plan your budget and avoid surprises.

To help you select the right flooring service, our team of construction estimation experts at Remote Estimation has put together this guide. Here, you will learn about the pros and cons of different laminated flooring solutions, key considerations before selecting a laminated flooring fitter, and how our expertise in laminate flooring estimate can help you meet your flooring needs.

Laminated Flooring: Overview

Laminate flooring is synthetic, unlike natural flooring solutions like wood, stone, cork, etc. It comprises four layers—wear, décor, core, and backer- and sealed together in the lamination process. Although the decor layer (a printed image) may recreate the look of an expensive flooring type such as wood, tile, or stone, it is designed to be durable and affordable.

There are two types of laminate flooring:

Engineered Wood

It is constructed from different layers of real wood glued together, with each layer perpendicular to the one above and below for enhanced stability. The top layer is a thin, high-quality hardwood veneer.


  • It is more stable than solid wood flooring and less prone to shrinking or expanding.
  • It can be installed in areas with higher moisture levels, like basements.
  • It offers a real wood surface that can be sanded and refinished multiple times.


  • It is more expensive than laminate flooring.
  • It may have a limited number of times it can be refinished due to the thickness of the hardwood.
  • Susceptible to scratches and dents over time.


Composed of a base layer of fiberboard with a photographic image of wood grain, stone, or tile pattern on top, sealed with a clear, protective layer. This type is more affordable and resistant to scratches and moisture.


  • Affordable option compared to hardwood or engineered wood flooring.
  • Resistant to scratches, fading, and moisture, making it suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • Easy to install with a click-and-lock mechanism, suitable for DIY projects.


  • Cannot be refinished like hardwood or engineered wood flooring.
  • May have a less authentic look and feel compared to real wood.
  • Can be noisy underfoot and feel less warm compared to wood flooring.

Consideration for Finding the Right Laminate Flooring Fitters

Choosing the right laminated flooring fitter can be challenging, as there are so many contractors across the USA (United States of America), making it difficult to narrow down the best option. To help you make the right choice, here are some key pointers on choosing the right flooring service in your area.

  • Experience: Check the installer’s relevant training or work experience in laminate flooring installation.
  • Insurance: Ensure that the laminate flooring fitter has insurance in place for protection.
  • Testimonials: Look for reviews or testimonials from other homeowners to gauge the fitter’s reputation.
  • Aesthetics: Consider if the flooring matches your home’s style and furniture.
  • AC Ratings: Check the AC rating of the laminate flooring for durability based on the room’s traffic.
  • Pricing: Balance quality with your budget when choosing laminate flooring materials.

When choosing a laminate flooring fitter, it is crucial that you consider the above factors before making your final decision. You should not only choose a service based on the price alone, as it may end up costing more later on. Instead, you should take everything into account and decide who offers the best service that aligns with your budget and preferences.

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