What Is Meant By Quantity Takeoff In Construction?


Quantity Takeoff and Cost Estimating

Quantity takeoffs are complicated numbers to calculate and handle, but their main purpose is really straightforward. Also known as construction takeoffs, this segment of construction estimation is essentially a list of all the materials needed for a project. The appropriate quantity of each material is usually listed as well as the per unit and the corresponding total cost. Although this sounds simple, construction projects are extremely complex and accurately estimating the use of each kind of material isn’t all that easy.

How a Quantity Takeoff is Calculated

Quantity takeoffs are created with an extensive assessment of project requirements, plans, blueprints and possibly 3D models. Construction estimation specialists use their expertise, critical thinking and judgment to estimate the total amount of material. After that, the market price for said materials can be applied and the total cost calculated. This process can take some time, especially given the different kinds of subcategories in quantity takeoffs. Metal and lumber takeoffs are just two examples of commonly used construction material that will be included in the list. These days, intelligence software has taken over a large part of that process, leaving the technical compilation and calculation aspects to the application.

How Digital Takeoffs Are Calculated?

Unlike manual takeoffs, the process for calculating digital takeoffs does not involve compiling long lists of construction components. Instead, the cost estimation software requires blueprints and drawings to be scanned for the system to analyze the material requirements. With additional options to customize the software’s calculations, professional estimators can add or reduce the takeoff produced automatically. At this stage, factors like human error, wastage, or requirements that drawings don’t account for can be added. Digital takeoffs are preferred these days not only because of the lower error rates, but also because of the easy additions and accountability they provide.

Why Quantity Takeoffs Matter in Construction?

Quantity takeoffs are one of the most important segments of a total construction cost estimation. Other parts of a complete quote include labor costs, sitework costs and rental costs.
These quotes are often a crucial part of negotiations between project owners and contractors, especially if the project is bid upon. In that case, construction tenders are often won based on estimates presented by contractors. The takeoffs especially help set accountability between all stakeholders, which helps prevent potential conflicts over the way a construction project is being executed. To make sure that your commercial and residential projects estimation is accurate, enlist our team at Remote Estimation. We provide expert sitework estimating services, like masonry estimating, rebar estimating, drywall estimating and takeoff services for contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and project owners.

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